We deal in what works, not just on paper but in real life. We craft brand programs that stimulate organic growth. We embrace the idea of brand renovation.

We believe brand renovation is far better than innovation. Innovators leverage their core competencies and say, “Let’s start with what we can build and let’s see if we can sell it.” Renovators, however, leverage their core essence and say, “Let’s find out what we can sell and then we’ll figure out whether we can make it.”

We practice the idea of renovation through defining and developing the following differences: The critical difference between core competencies (what you know how to do) and core essence (who you really are as a brand) and why a solid understanding of core essence is at the heart of any business success.

It’s figuring out what brought you here and where customers-consumers will allow you to go. It’s reconsidering trends in the marketplace and giving your customers-consumers more reasons to buy your brand. It’s analyzing your resources, skills and leveraging them to make a bigger impact.